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The medical questionnaire, designed by the online INTERNET DOCTOR service, guarantees:

  1. Subscriber's private life remains private. Any data sheet is totally isolated and cannot therefore be accessible for visitors of the Site and other subscribers.
  2. Subscriber's control:
    • choose login and password to access to the service;
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The Subscriber's Personal Information is included in base data of the Site and can not be disclosed or transmitted to any third party.

The information related to credit cards is not collected by the online INTERNET DOCTOR service. The protection of confidential information during transmission between the Subscriber and the ASSIST system server is ensured by using the SSL 3.0 protocol. The server certificate is issued by Thawte - a recognized center for issuing digital certificates. Transactions conducted using the ASSIST system comply thoroughly with the laws of the Russian Federation and are regulated by the applicable articles of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Payments by bank credit cards are carried out within the framework of MOTO (Mail Order Telephone Order) in strict conformity to the rules of payment systems (VISA, MasterCard/EuroCard) and comply with regulation 123-P of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, dated April 09, 1998 "Concerning the requirements of issuing bank cards to credit entities and the transfer of funds for transactions using bank cards".

The protection of all the information complies with The Federal Law of the Russian Federation "About information, informatization and security of information" N 24-FL of February 20, 1995, and international agreements.

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