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All relations between the IMMUNOPATHOLOGY CENTRE Ltd, Tomsk, Russia (the "Medical Provider"), as first party, and the Subscriber, as second party, comply with The Civil Code of the Russian Federation and related international agreements. The Medical Provider grants the Subscriber who accepts it, the right to access and use the online INTERNET DOCTOR service. The online service allows the Subscriber to store and consult, via the website, personal medical information, to use personal web-account of the service and to receive health tips, which not replace existing recommendations of the Subscriber's trusted physician but may serve additional facility to them.

Connections for the Subscriber is granted due to unique login and password. The rights granted to the Subscriber are personal and non-transferable. The service is accessed using a computer or other equipment and a modem, or equivalent hardware. The Subscriber must subscribe to a service provider that offers connection to the Internet in order to send or receive information via online networks. The Subscriber is responsible for all expenses relating to hardware or services necessary to access the on-line INTERNET DOCTOR service.


The Subscriber declares and certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age and that he/she possesses the legal right to enter into a contract by means of a subscription form and to use the proposed online services. The Subscriber also declares that he/she has been informed of the nature and limitations of the Internet, the network through which the online service will be provided, as described below:

  • data transfer on the Internet is only relatively technically reliable; it travels on heterogeneous networks with varying technical characteristics and capacities; these networks may be overloaded during certain periods of the day;
  • some data travelling via the Internet may be subjected to exclusive appropriation under one or several laws notably concerning intellectual property;
  • the Subscriber must take all appropriate measures to protect the information and/or software located on his/her equipment from contamination by computer viruses and attempts by third parties to enter the computer system; he/she must also take all precautions to avoid the communication of login codes and passwords.


The Medical Provider does not give any warranty, explicit or implicit, legal or otherwise, for the information, content, goods or services available through this Internet-accessible online service nor for their capacity to meet the particular expectations or needs of the Subscriber. In addition, the Medical Provider does not guarantee nor support the use of the proposed online service or the results of that use. The Subscriber that accepts the services is responsible for all the risks concerning the consequences and results of use of the online INTERNET DOCTOR service.


The Medical Provider cannot be held responsible for transmission delays, interruptions or errors, for the loss or disappearance of data, for viruses, for financial loss or gain, for lost luck and more generally for any damages, direct or indirect, accidental or secondary, directly or indirectly related to the use of the INTERNET DOCTOR service and/or Internet or to the impossibility to use it, whether the Medical Provider was or was not informed of the possibility of such damages.


In a case of online subscription, this agreement shall become effective upon Subscriber's payment for the online INTERNET DOCTOR service and shall remain in validity from the effective date until the end of the term of 2 months.


The Medical Provider reserves the full legal right to terminate the subscription immediately and without any compensation in the event that:

  • the Medical Provider is informed, notably by Internet users or by administrative authorities, that the Subscriber does not respect national or international rules and regulations, applicable where appropriate, or uses the Internet in a manner which is detrimental to third parties or is contrary to public decency or public order, and more generally to the suggested code(s) of good conduct applicable for the Internet.
  • the Medical Provider detects pirating, illicit use or attempted use of content or, more generally, of information travelling through the Internet via Medical Provider that is caused by or originates from a Subscriber connection and, more generally, as soon as it may be established that the connection in question was made either using a Subscriber's hardware or by an individual for whom the Subscriber is responsible.
  • the Medical Provider detects abnormal use of the online INTERNET DOCTOR service, in other words, for reasons other than the needs and internal use of the Subscriber; this abnormal use is defined, in particular, as the transfer, retransmission, duplication, reproduction or redistribution of the information contained therein for the use of a third party.

The termination will enter into effect upon the receipt by the Subscriber of the e-mail or registered post with acknowledgement of receipt that notifies him/her of the cancellation. Previous payments made by the Subscriber to the Medical Provider will not be reimbursed, and no possible online communication time credit can be used as reimbursement or restitution of any sort to the Subscriber, without prejudice to possible legal proceedings and payments still owed, which will immediately become due.

The Subscriber may terminate his/her subscription to the online INTERNET DOCTOR service by e-mail or registered post with acknowledgement of receipt sent at least 2 weeks before the date of the following automatic payment. In that case, previous payments made to the Medical Provider for the subscription will not be reimbursed.

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