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Purpose of the summer school is to review the idea of 'Artificial Immune Systems'.
Audience: 1) informatics students; 2) any persons interested in both computer and life sciences.
Major topics: Basic Immunology Overview (Multimedia Course); Modeling and describing computational and statistical complexity in dynamic systems; Agent based architectures for biologic inspired paradigms; Stochastic representations of dynamic systems; 'Big Picture' biological phenomena and 'fitting' computational models; Applications to commercial enterprises.
Tuition Fee: USD 300/3 weeks/1 person.
Duration: 3 weeks: July 3 - July 22, 2006; 20 hours/week.
Affiliation Institution: Tomsk Polytechnic University.
Accommodation: Families of Tomsk habitans, hotels, or student hostel.
Language: English.
School's Instructors: Prof. V.V. Klimov, Dr. Robert J. Pefferly Jr.


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