Immunopathology Center 2005



From the first hand, the immune system and immune mechanisms are interesting computationally analogous to the nervous system as they function using algorithms related to diversity, security, and ability to recognition, differentiation, memorization and self-control. Accordingly, current computation develops both 'neuro-informatics' and 'immuno-informatics' approaches, which are important for new generations of both hardware and sofrware for business, education, health care etc.
From the other hand, nanotechnological approaches will progressively promote creating artificial molecules and cells of the immune system, and the whole immune system ('nano-immunics'), which may be then used as nanotherapy for patients with immunopathologies.

Dutch-Russian eHealth Project
Artificial Immune System
Immune System and Immunocomputation


  • Research in immunology as both an eLife and computer science/maths discipline.
  • Advance fundamental knowledge in artificial intelligence, applied informatics, stochastic modelling, and net security.
  • Develop immunology-based applications for eLearning/eBusiness.
  • Derive strategies for pattern recognition and metadata analysis.