The Immunopathology Center, Ltd is a small taxpaying entity (#7021011655) registered in Tomsk region, Russia, which was founded in 1991.
First, activity of the Center was focused on private practice in clinical immunology and allergy in Tomsk region and Siberia. Since 2000 undertaking has been expended and spread on eTeaching in immunology, eMarketing and eBusiness to create the Multimedia Course in Immunology, which was then published in WWW, marketised and included in educational catalogs in some universities of US, Canada and EU. At the moment, the Course has lots of visitors and some subscribers from more than 100 countries (trafficking is above 40000).
On base of the received experience, it has been planning to create international webportal, which would contain Web-applications for basic, clinical and computer immunology and allergy, online forums for researchers, IT managers, physicians and patients on separation, the registry for patients with transient hypogammaglobulinaemia of infancy and selective IgA deficiency and online resource in artificial immune systems. For this purpose, it is constituted IT group with appropriate hardware and software as a department of the Center.

Immunopathology Center 2004